A Busy Week Part 2

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A Busy Week Part 2

I just love Wednesday morning: it’s when my house cleaner Dave comes over to refresh my place and take care of my laundry. I hear him let himself in at about nine and he gets busy downstairs. I stretch my limbs in bed and stroke my hard cock and feel the beneficial effects of my Tuesday night massage.

Then I think about Dave working downstairs. I had gone through quite a few cleaners before I found him and he turned out to be reliable, thorough and, most important, one of the hottest young studs in town. So hot, in fact, that he works in the nude.

I think about him and his /gorgeous/">gorgeous body as I hear the vacuum cleaner strike up. He’s just turned twenty-two and he’s built like a Greek god. His head is crowned with a mess of curly golden hair and his face is cut square with a manly cleft to his chin. His mouth is wide with a set of full red lips and his eyes are of a piercing blue color.

His muscular chest is smooth and it sports his huge red nipples that are surrounded by dark bokep sma pecah perawan circles. He has a perfect belly button where a trail of golden hair runs down his abdomen to his crotch. And what a crotch! His uncut cock is over eight inches soft and his shaved ball bag hangs low between his legs pulled down by two tennis sized balls.

He takes a break at eleven and he brings me a cup of tea in bed. I just love to see his six foot two frame standing over me with that /cute/">cute smile on his face - and that cock of his swinging between his legs. Then he puts my tea on my nightstand and he gives me my first kiss of the day. My cock jumps to attention as I feel his silky smooth tongue probe every corner of my mouth.

After I’ve finished my tea he slips into bed beside me with an arm wrapped around my neck. Our /hot/hot-cocks/">hot cocks are pressed together between us and we kiss and kiss each other lovingly. He whispers how much he has missed me since his last visit and he pulls back my foreskin and starts to jack me off. I do the same to him until our cock heads are wet with pre-cum.

It’s time for me to fuck him and he whips of the duvet and he squats down on me with his legs astride me. I just /fucking/fuck-love/love-to-fuck/">love to fuck him this way because he is in control. I hold /cock/huge-cock/my-huge-cock/">my huge cock upright pointing it into his rosebud and he slowly sits down on it. His /hole/ass-hole/">ass hole is just slack enough to take my chopper without any pain. And, within seconds, I’m completely inside him with his ball bag resting on my abdomen.

I look into his lovely blue eyes and I blow a kiss to him as he begins humping up and down on me: slowly at first but then fast and furious. I can feel him squeeze his love tube down hard on my /cock/hot-cock/">hot cock and my balls begin to ache with the rush of my love juice building up within them.

I jack his dick off until I see him close his eyes in sheer /ecstasy/">ecstasy. We only have seconds to go now before we shoot our loads. Then Dave groans with joy as I fill his love tube with a bucketful of warm cum just as his cock explodes his love juice all over my face and chest.

Dave gets up off me and my cock slips out of him with an audible *pop* and he gets down on me again in the sixty-nine position and we clean up our dicks hungrily. Then he licks his cum off my face and chest and he kisses me lovingly before I get to whisper /sweet/">sweet nothings in his ear.

We snuggle up together with Dave old waman xxxgx spooning up to me until I feel his cock between my legs harden again in desire for me. He strokes my own dick slowly as a signal that he wants to fuck me and, boy oh boy, my ass hole is aching for it.

He turns me onto my back and he shoves a pillow under my butt and kneels between my open bent up legs. His hotrod is wagging about until he steadies it and pulls back his foreskin and I get to see his purple glistening helmet. Then he points it at my pucker and, with one long lunge, he’s completely inside me. I sigh at the warmth of his cock and I wrap my legs around his slender waist.

Dave moans a lot as he begins to fuck me slowly. I never talk about his private life with him and I just have no idea how many guys he gets to fuck in a week. All I know is that he just loves fucking me. And then, quite suddenly, he loses his cool and fucks me long and hard. I scream out in pleasure as his ramrod hits my prostate again and again until my cock shoots ribbon after ribbon of cum all over him. Then I squeeze down hard on his throbbing dick until I feel the warm glow of his love juice inside me.

We rest for a while and then we take a much needed shower and Dave returns to work and I dress up to go over to my shop to have a meeting with my manager. On my way out, I kiss Dave goodbye and I suck at his neck and he tells me that he can’t wait until the next time. I settle up with him and I give him my usual generous tip.

Ms Davis manages my business on a day to day basis. She’s a widow with two non-identical nineteen-year old college boys to take care of. She just hits the roof if anyone refers to her as *manageress*: she’s well and truly into women’s lib! But, hell, she’s so efficient at her job that I go out of my way to please her if I can. I take her out to lunch each Wednesday and go over the figures in a pleasant up-market restaurant.

Everything is always fine. The books are always up to date and the profits are growing steadily. We celebrate with a bottle of real French champagne before we tuck in to a gourmet meal. When we’re finished she reminds me of my dinner date with Mark who is our main suppliers’ representative. Then she’s off back to the shop after she kisses me goodbye.

Mark lives in the big city over a hundred miles away. He never visits my shop since we’re doing so well and we never have any problems with his firm that Ms Davis can’t get resolved easily over the phone or internet. But, as his leading outlet in the area, he makes sure that we have a meal together at his hotel every Wednesday evening at eight.

I dress in a smart business suit for the occasion and meet him in the lobby. Boy, Mark is such a good looker. He’s about thirty now and he has that manly appearance that young married family men seem to have. His face is so handsome and I love that perfect toothy smile of his.

We go to the bar for a few pre-meal drinks and chat about his family. He has three young kids who are cute as hell: two boys and a girl. Never a week goes by without him having some funny story to tell me about them or some new photographs of them to show me. He loves his kids and I know there’ll be more babies on the way before long.

I ask him about his wife, Roxanne, and I laugh when he tells me all about her latest harebrained scheme. She’s always launching a new small business working from home and they all end in complete disaster. She’s quite a girl and I like her a lot. Everyone seems to love her bubbly personality.

After the meal, we go up to his room for a nightcap. We throw our jackets on a chair and sit on the sofa together in shirtsleeves drinking a ten-year-old-malt whisky. Then he shows me the other side of himself by putting his arm around my shoulder and kissing me softly on my cheek. Much as he loves Roxanne, he also loves me. Mark is really bisexual and he loves me to fuck him.

I kiss him back with my tongue in his mouth as he unzips my pants and finds my /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock. Oh how I love the way he squeezes it and I know that he’s been looking forward to our lovemaking all week. I put my hand on his crotch and feel his /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick and then I sniff under his arm until his manly scent intoxicates my nose.

We finish our drinks quickly and stand up and begin to undress each other. Within seconds we get down to our shorts. He always wears the tight cut black see-through boxers that I buy for him every now and then and I always wear one of the pairs of navy silk loose cut boxers that he gives me at Christmas.

We stand apart with our hands on each other’s shoulders and admire our huge cocks that are now sticking up out of our waistbands. Then we both pull each other until our lips meet and we kiss each other greedily taking it in turns to stab each other’s mouths with our tongues.

In no time at all, we’re completely naked on the bed in the sixty-nine position and giving each other head. I just love to gently squeeze his /balls/huge-balls/">huge balls as I suck his giant lollipop of a cock head and savor the heady taste and smell of his pre-cum.

Then I push two fingers into his /tight/tight-ass/">tight ass hole and I feel his body jump a little as to what I have in store for him. I finger fuck him as he sucks my cock until he begins to moan and groan. By now he’s just crying out for me to fuck him doggy style.

I then get him down on the bed with his head down on the pillow and I prize open the cheeks of his ass so that I can rim his /hairy/hairy-hole/hairy-ass-hole/">hairy ass hole. He loves it as my tongue caresses his rosebud and darts in and out of it. I adore the musky smell and taste of the opening of his man-cunt and he loves me tugging on his pendulous balls and throbbing cock.

One long push takes all of my monster cock inside him and I hear him groan with pleasure. I thrill at the feeling of our bodies becoming one again and I begin to fuck him tenderly. He responds by rocking his ass back and fore and squeezing down on my cock.

My head spins as the rhythm of our fucking increases until my cock tingles after it sends a bucketful of my warm spunk deep inside my sweet lover. I pull out of him and roll him over and take his hot cock into my mouth just before he climaxes and I drink his salty cum from his fountain of love. Then we lie quietly together in bliss for a while.

The phone rings. It’s Roxanne. She wants to know if he’s all right. He tells her that everything is fine and that he’s had an exhausting day and that he’s in bed already for an early night. He squeezes my thigh as he talks and I feel my cock getting stiff again. I push him onto his side and my cock slips into his love tube again.

He kisses Roxanne goodbye and I fuck him again madly while jacking off his dick until we both come again. Neither of us gets much sleep on Wednesday nights: we have so much catching up to do. My darling Mark and I have only one night a week to worship each other and I get to fuck him again and again until we’re both exhausted. Then he spoons behind me with his cock between my legs and we fall asleep in anticipation of what joy Thursday morning will bring to us...

To be continued...

Richard Allen

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