My Boy Toy

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
My Boy Toy

No escaping my desire;

Only an hour ago I saw him on the club’s dance floor. Even in the darkness and the frenzy of the crowds his cobalt blue eyes were following me. I could see that he liked me and that no small detail had escaped his gaze. I felt his stare and it made me feel craved, wanted and needing his touch. I saw a young woman walk up to him a twerking straight into his groin, but he did not react to her but kept his eyes on me. It made feel special; I felt my nipples poking through my white blouse.

He walked toward me and towering over me he was facing me with our bodies practically touching each other. My eyes were fixated on his face; my nostrils flared inhaling his masculinity. I did not resist him placing palms of his hands onto my hips and making us swoon. He then gently pulled me into him but not more than my pokies touching his body. Oh the /sweet/">sweet sensation of my nipples rubbing him through the silk of my blouse shooting the excitements into my body’s depths. With his thumb and index finger he touched my chin and gently kissed the tip of my nose, lashes and softly touched my lips. I could feel his tongue tenderly push in and almost inadvertently, my tongue touched him.

’Hello /gorgeous/">gorgeous’ he whispered.
’My Greek God talks’ My mind answered him.
’Are you my beautiful angel?’ he said inaudibly.

I’ve heard these pick-up lines before, but they had never sounded as erotically as this time. I wanted to speak but I took his arms and pulled him into myself and kissed his lips. I could feel my sex wanting him badly as his arms cradled me in a stillness of ageless love and he kissed me back.

After few minutes I summoned my bravery, took him by the hand and walked out of the club. The silence of the outdoors brought a small relief and for the /first-time/">first time I truly faced him. I looked at him and noticed that he was a chiseled twenty something or a very early thirty. I admit to being thirty nine and holding. This age difference brought out the conflict between the Cougar in me and someone who had genuine feelings.

’I have never done this, I do not even know how to say it’ I said,
’Go ahead, I’m a /boy/big-boy/">big boy, I can take it’. He answered.
’It’s not like that, I feel safe with you’ and then almost soundlessly ’I would like to be with you, but in my house’
’I saw you many times and just hoped that you will notice me’, he said ’I want to be with you, don’t laugh, I love you’
’Not so fast my man’ I replied dreamily as inadvertently my fingers were playing with the hair on his chest.

That’s how it started. In his beautiful nakedness he was standing in front of me. With relaxing music in the background I poured a little of massage oil onto my hands and rubbed them together rapidly, making the oil warm. Without even thinking I reached out and laid my right hand flat against his chest. I loved the feel of his chest hair as they tangled and curled under my fingers. Slowly I massaged the oil into his skin. Each of his nipples had a small gold ring hanging from the hard little tips. His stomach was completely flat, with chiseled abs that would make anyone in the /gym/">gym envious. He held his arms out, making those biceps flex and shine with the faint gleam of oil. I was enjoying the view of his shoulders sweeping up into his neck. So many well-defined muscles! And the feel of him! His skin felt different than what I was used to. It had a satin sheen, but with resilience, it felt firm, thick, and substantial, like it was part of the muscle itself. He was very warm.

My nipples got light brown, hard and aching for a touch. I was kissing his chest, moving lower and covering his body with a light touches. With his strong muscular arms around me, he pulled me up tight against him. Without me realizing it, my bare /nipples/hard-nipples/">hard nipples were being pressed against his warm skin, my nipples were so hot, and stinging so badly I knew they were going to ignite any second. My womanly power was now gone, and my flesh had become a bundle of wanton surrender to this man’s touch.

Suddenly a jolt of pleasure shot up from my nipple and coursed through her entire body. He slid his hand cupped my breast, pinching my nipple. I moaned with pleasure but did not stop kissing him. Holding on to his torso I went lower taking the mushroom of his sex into my mouth. I tasted his precum as my lips went on him. By now between his thumb and forefinger he was pinching and rolling both of my nipples. Then he reached for my chin, lifted my face and kissed me and meshing our tongues lovingly. Without breaking the kiss he lifted me and carried me to the bed and softly laid me down.

Instinctively I opened my sex and offered myself to him. He restrained my hands just above my head and was kissing me. He was filled my mouth and I let his tongue quench my hotness. I began to feel his /cock/huge-cock/">huge cock stirring against my belly, getting larger and harder, for me. With a touch of a butterfly he began to kiss my throat, moving to my breasts and nibbling my nipples. The sensation of his tongue wwwxxx and teeth working together sent electric shocks through my body. I became a vixen bitch for this powerful man. I arched my back and pointed my toes to the ceiling wanting him to be in me but he was taking his time. I swear my pussy throbbed and my clit tingled hard the wwwxxx and I moaned as he moved down and started licking and sucking my inner lips. I grabbed his head and pushed him into my sex and not letting go till the last of my inner shudders passed.

Before I could recover, he started rubbing his cock on my pussy lips, "OHHHHHHHHHH!" I reached down to stroke his cock, "Put it in," he whispered. I don't know what came over me at that moment. With one hand I spread my lips and with the other I put the head of his manhood into me. I waited few moments to let my nature to adjust for his size. He filled me with overwhelming pleasure. The nerves in my pussy were on fire as thousands of tiny shockwaves of pleasure shot thru my tightly stretched pussy. Every thrust made me want to take more of him into my stretched pussy. I was whimpering and moaning like a little virgin getting her first fuck.

’Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me’ I yelled.

He just kept thrusting his cock sending me over the edge over and over again. I had never felt such pleasure in my life. My juices were literally running down my thighs as he continued to fuck me slow and steady. Just as I was about to cum again he put his powerful hands on my shoulders and drove his ass forward burying all of his /cock/cock-balls/">cock balls deep in me with one powerful stroke. I nearly died in pleasure.

’Ahhhhh’ I screamed.

’Ahhh, Goddddd, Ohhhh, Yesssss, it hurts so good’ I moaned, as he worked his entire cock in and out of me now. Every nerve in my pussy was alive with pleasure. I could feel him so deep inside me that it was unreal. Never had I ever imagined sex could be this good. He pulled out, turned me over, pressed my shoulders down and pushed himself into me and began pounding me from behind tearing my pussy up like it was his to do with as he pleased. I should have told him to pull out but I couldn’t. His cock felt so good I didn’t want him to stop.
’Oh God’ I moaned, ’fill my pussy with your cum, I want to feel you cum in me’ I whimpered. He began to pound me even harder and faster as I felt his cock swelling inside me then he let out this deep moan and I felt a flood of /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum filling my insides as squirt after squirt were pumped into me. I came harder than I ever had as I felt his hot cum blasting my insides. He held his cock deep inside me as I squeezed my pussy milking every drop from his magnificent cock.

I felt him relax and become somewhat flaccid. I turned over looking at him, being sweaty and happy. His chest hair was a bit matted but absolutely sexy. Within few minutes his cock began to swell and regained its hardness. He pulled me toward him, then spread my legs and quickly shoved his phallus inside my eager loins. I had my legs wrapped around his muscular body as he sent me into orgasm after orgasm as he fucked me hard. We had been fucking for almost half an hour and I was moaning and whimpering with each mighty thrust of his huge cock. I held on tight to his muscular ass, as he pumped up and down working his manhood in and out of /pussy/tight-pussy/my-tight-pussy/">my tight pussy. I was getting the fucking of my life. ’Ohhh Godd Yess’ I screamed as another orgasm shook my body. ’Oh God I love your cock, I love how it feels so fucking good’ I whimpered. I felt his cock swelling and then a rush of hot cum.

After cleaning each other, we stayed in bed kissing for a while. He sucked my tits and I sucked his cock. We fucked all night long, with me moaning and screaming in /ecstasy/">ecstasy.