Your will part 1

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Your will part 1

Vague sounds, blurred movements, faint smells knowing I should be something else, somewhere else, unease and there?s more than a little fear. 
Darkness is total once more. 
When I wake up I?m in a room I can?t see. It?s cold and smells strange. I know I?m nowhere I?ve been before. I cant see and my panic starts to rise. It takes a few seconds for me to realise that although I?ve opened my eyes I must be blindfolded. 

I push the panic back down. Yes, there it is, I can feel the weight of the blindfold across my eyes. I try to rise and push myself up from the floor to find that its softer, must be a mattress, I run my hands over it. Yes a mattress, old and not very comfortable but much better than the cold floor. I resume trying to stand only to find my hands and feet shackled I can kneel but that?s about it. My legshave more movement than my arms. I could reach the blindfold and remove it porn videos download but I know better than to remove it. 

Ah! so this must be my punishment. A small smile passes my lips as I remember why I must be here - whatever is going to happen, it was worth it. 
I shake my head slightly and go back to sussing my surroundings. My hands grope along the sides of the mattress and I find two bowls. Gently checking one is empty and the other has liquid in it. I dip my finger in and then tentatively lick it. Water!!! 
Suddenly my thirst slams into me Im desperate for a drink. The metallic taste at the back of my throat tells me I must have been drugged to get here. I can?t lift the bowl up so I manuver into a lying position and lap at the bowl like a dog. I don?t care all I want is to slack this thirst. 

I sit back up cross legged shivering slightly in the cold, I realise I?m naked. I?m not surprised. A look of resignation passes my face. 
I try to sort my head out, the last thing I remember was falling asleep in your arms, content, sated. I have to assume that you drugged me to bring me here as a punishment. My sex dampens as I remember why. The night before (I think I have no way of knowing)the total need for each other, no pain only complete total love and 
need, your name passing my lips. For once you weren?t the /master/">master only the man. And for once you were mine completely- whatever happens now, that was worth it. 
The look of /surprise/">surprise on face told me you hadnt expected it. The look of tenderness so ailen to you face, showed me how it effected you, As soon as Id whispered it I knew Id be punished it didnt stop me screaming it again when finally we came together. 

Back to /reality/">reality my shivering gets worse and I hug my knees. I dont know how long I?ve been here, I can hear nothing and the fear rises again. Assuming you put me here I also assume your not far away. I take deep breaths to control the fear. I know you wouldnt leave me. 
Hours pass, dark, alone, cold only my thoughts for company. 

I hear foot steps and jerk back to alertness I can make out many footsteps and I know youre there. I can sense you but others too? I?m confused. For good measure I struggle into my usual position (on my knees head bowed legs apart hands clasped behind my back) 
Good slut a strange voice says your punishment will be harsh slave. We don?t know why but it is just deserved (in my head I smile I knew you wouldnt have told why, I knew that moment of vulnerability was mine and mine alone!)I sense being surrounded but by how many I don?t know. My head twitches from side to side trying to hear, listening hard. 

The voice comes from behind me We are here to punish you. However you have the chance of a reprieve at the wish of your Master. Should you identify him we will be merciful, if not well...... even one such as you may regret it. 
This is you Masters Will 

My stomach clenches I?m /scared/">scared but you demand it so it will be done. 
My hands are pulled above my head and Im left kneeling. Without warning I hear a 
whip unfold and several test lashes flick out - someone acclimatising to a whip that?s not their own. Unannounced one lands across my back making me pull at the chains and another making me writhe in my bounds, grunts forcing the air away from 
my lungs. Another circles round my side and catches my tit making me scream a little. I know its not you weilding this whip. The Dom doing it had a much harder and less skilful hand counting on force to cause pain rather than skill to hitting the most sensitive places. Even still its harsh and I?m left screaming, breathless and disorientated. 

I sense some one come closer the voice says Suck slave 
A cock is thrust down my throat I gag round it as my face is fucked hard and 
fast suck bitch I hear the voice shout. I do my best as the cock spurts sour /mouth/mouth-cum/cum-in-my-mouth/">cum in my mouth. It?s quickly replaced by another and another. 6 men I suck off in quick succession all the while being beaten hard now with a crop so as not to hit any of the men I?m servicing. 

My throat feels /raw/">raw I can feel sweat and blood run down my back. My ass and upper legs must be scarlet. 
My face hurts from where some of the men have slapped me, Nipples raw from their clawing. My hairs mussed from grabbing hands face messy from some who didnt wish to cum in my mouth 

I move on to the 7th cock. Before my lips touch it, I know it is you. Your presence is overwhelming. I smell you I feel your heat. I hear your breath and as your cock slides into my mouth I taste you. My head turns up to you, a small smile on my face. Without doubt I know this is you I don?t need to see for that. I feel your hand on my head a tactic gesture to show you understand. Before I can pull away and speak you grab the back of my head and ram out cock down my throat effectively and somewhat painfully gagging me. You thrust away deep in my throat, my gagging and retching just increases you pleasure your hands in my hair pulling me close. My tongue snakes out lapping at your balls as your thrusts become frenzied. You are rock hard, leaking, tasting divine. I know you?re close. I groan in pain as a particularly hard lash from the crop catches the tops of my legs. The vibrations of my groans finished you as you grunt Cumming hard in my mouth. 

You let me go and I fall to the side as much as my restraints will let me. 
Well slave said the voice did you identify your Master? 
I look in the direction I know you retreated to thinking fast and slowly and deliberately turn to another man. 
This one I whisper knowing full and well I am wrong. Also knowing it?s what you want. 

I sink back resigned an accepting what will happen. 
The blindfold it removed I dont look up who Ive chosen is immaterial you and I both know I could identify you anywhere. 

It?s blinding bright after hours and hours of darkness. 
I?m given the opportunity to piss in the pot and drink more of the water. Still lapping at it like a dog 
I?m taken from the mattress and bound between two pillars in the middle of the room. Legs and feet far apart open and wet for all to see. 
I look to the side and see a tray full of needles. My eyes close I sigh deeply , They open and I look at xxx you a silent plea I have no illusions that youll listen to 
Pride shines in your face I know I choose right . I close my eyes again a small tear runs down my face I can?t change what will happen now and wouldnt even if I could.