Zharia Annihilates her Enemy

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Zharia Annihilates her Enemy

Zharia was a black girl with a /booty/huge-booty/">huge booty, it was very big and /fat/">fat. Lots of guys admired her /ass/huge-ass/">huge ass, but a lot of girls saw her as a hoe for exposing its great size in tight jeans or yoga pants. Zharia saw all of them as haters, she didnt let them get to her. She knew that most of the girls wished they had a little bit of the fat on her ass. Breanna was one of those white girls that loved to slam on Zharia and slander her with all these ridiculous insults, Zharia knew Breanna was lucky she didnt get her ass beat,Zharia would get in trouble. But Zharia was tired of Breanna running her mouth, she just wish she could get what was coming to her.

Zharia was chilling with her friends at lunch, and when she walked away from them and back to the lunchroom she walked past Breanna and her clique. "Zharia, you need a sign on ur ass that says "Wide STD Load", because youve probably got it!" Her and her friends laughed as Zharia flipped her off as she kept walking. Breanna was much skinnier and a little taller than Zharia, and only had a little bit of ass. She had brownish hair and smiled with her teeth almost all the time. Everytime Zharia saw Breanna, she just wanted to smash her face in. But Zharia thought of an even better way to humiliate Breanna. Straight up Gas Torture would do it, and she would post it all on youtube and facebook for people at school and millions could see. All she had to do was convince Breanna to come to her house, but she could only do that through one of Breannas friends.

Zharia met up with Mary, one of Breannas friends "So does Breanna know your address?"Zharia asked her. "No,why?" Because I want you to give her my address to go to, I cant really explain but Ill give you $60 to keep secret aaight?" "Youve got a deal." Mary said.
That next friday Breanna was "invited" to Marys house. She was pretty excited to chill witg Mary for the first timeand could not wait. She rung the doorbell, and Zharia got ready before she opened the door. She had just finished a few bowls of chili abd felt really gassy, as she held her stomach a little.

She opened the door and saw the surprised look on Breannas face. "Is this Mary house?" Breanna asked. "No, /bitch/">bitch!" Zharia grabbed Breanna and pulled her into the house, and slammed Breanna on the couch and pinned her down. "What the fuck are you doing???" Breanna tried to get Zharia off, but Zharia was too big and she taped Breannas mouth sealed, then wrapped the tape around her wrists. She had Breanna in a laid out position on the couch so she sat on Breannas face and surprised her with a big fart. *FROOOMFFFFT!* Breanna squirmed under Zharias ass as the stench overflowed her nostrils and smelled horrible. Breanna just squirmed and thrashed as her face was toooo close to Zharias big jeans ass, too close for comfort. Zharia held alain lyle porn Breannas head in her ass and *PHRAMMMMPHHHOOT* the fart was reeking all over the room and throughout Breannas nostrils.

Zharia then took ger jeans off, which made Breanna scream through the tape and squirm a bit more ass Zharia tooj those panties off and exposed her fat black ass right in Breannas face, then shoved Breannas nose in her ass, Breannas whole face being swallowed by Zharias /ass/big-ass/">big ass. Breanna was forced to take in the rancid smells of Zharias ass but soon it got worse. *BRAMMMFFFFFFT!!!!!* A powerful fart of gas shot up Breannas nostrils and she had no choice but to inhale every last bit of it straight from Zharias ass. Zharia laughed as she let the fart sink in; she heard the whimpers of Breanna back there and indian santali xvideo gas her more gas up the nose:*PRAMMPPPHHHHHFFFFTT!!!* Breanna fought as hard as she could to get out of this big stinky ass as her nostrils flared in attempt to get at least a bit of fresh air, but instead she got *RAMPHHFFMMFFFT!* Right into her flared nostrils as sge sucked the air in.

Zharia rubbed her hole all over Breannas nose; it felt so good. It made her blast 5 more farts in a row that were deadly and certainly more worse than the previous ones right up the nostrils of Breanna. *SHRRAAMPHHHTOOOT!* *FRROOOMFFFFT!!!!* *BRAMPHHHOIITTTRAPHHFF!!* BRAMPHHHHHTTPHHHHT!!* *PRRRRRRPHHHHRATTTTT!* Breanna couldnt take her big black smelly ass as her nostrils burned from all those horrible farts and she became unconscious, but Zharia would wait patiently for her to wake up to give her much more nasty gas.