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Dark Fantasy/Fiction contains FemDom/Bondage : CAPTIVE : Part 1

He awoke abruptly with his wrists handcuffed above his head to a wrought-iron bedpost, trying to adjust his eyes to the sudden force of sunlight peering in through the window. He had no memory of the evening before and wondered how much he had drunk to wake up in a strange room bound to a bed.

While he struggled against his bonds he realized that he was indeed handcuffed and there was no way he was able to free himself. Panic took over when he also noticed that his shirt was gone and his pants also gone, ripped from his body and his nether regions were exposed for all to see (or more accurately the person who decided to abduct him and use him against his will) .

Confusion and pain seared through his head as he tried to lift himself off the bed but to no avail. His wrists were cuffed so tightly he thought he would pass out again from the pain and numbness which were surely waiting for him after several hours of being bound. He tried to glance around the room from his vantage point and noticed a door on one side and on the other another door leading to what he assumed to be a closet. The window behind the bed was streaming the late morning sunlight through the black drapes caught back with gold nylon, but he knew he wouldn't be able to see the window from where he was being held captive.

At that moment the door on the left opened and in walked in a woman who was of average height (made by the shiny black stiletto heels) and had long dark red hair that was flowing down her back. The woman appeared to be in her mid to late twenties but she could have been older for all her victim knew.
"I see you"re awake".that's good"you didn't go quietly in the night"although I had my doubts," the woman said with a sickening smile.
"Can you please unlock me, I promise I won't hurt you," the victim pleaded while trying to struggle to gain freedom.
"Oh, I'm not worried about what you are going to do to me," the woman replied plaintively. "You should be worried about what I'm going to do to you." she added.
She then walked over to the side of the bed where her male victim lay helpless and nude, admiring his good looks. Not bad, she thought giving him a once over now that he was completely awake and sober no thanks to the scopolamine she managed to slip into his beer the night before.

Her victim was a tall man, mid thirties, about six feet maybe six one or two at the most, long blond hair and blue/green eyes. Slender in build yet defined with a hint of muscle in his arms which still struggled to get free. Not a chance in Hades, she laughed to herself. He is mine totally til I decide to dispose of him.

"Are those handcuffs too tight for you, Slave?" she asked , immensely enjoying seeing this gorgeous man bound to her bed and to be used however she saw fit.
He continued to beg, plead and tried to free himself from this calm woman whose green eyes seemed devoid of any emotion except for the gleam of excitement in them.
"Please, let me go, I promise you again I won't hurt you, I haven't done anything to you." he pleaded in vain. "Yes, they"re too tight, they"re hurting my wrists," the victim complained.
"Good," She responded without even glancing at him, just irritated by his whining. Only then she decided to take pity on this poor excuse of a man .
"All right! Fine! I'll loosen the cuffs just a little bit, after all I can't have you passing out from poor circulation on me, but I'm warning you"if you so much as scream or fight me I will have to sedate you and gag you again," the woman warned..
"Oh thank you, thank you," the man breathed a sigh of relief as his beautiful captor strolled over to where he was trapped. He took note of how meticulously she worked over him, loosening his handcuffs ever so slightly but still so tight so he couldn't escape no matter how hard he struggled and strained.

With a slap across her victim's beautiful yet astonished face, he was stunned into silence. "That will teach you to be quiet when I tell you to!" She said to him as if he was an unruly child. "You will not speak unless I speak to you first, is that clear, Slave?"
"Y-yes".I understand," he whispered, now frightened of what this woman was capable of doing now that he was trapped for what seemed like an eternity when in it was only for one day.
"Good boy," The woman replied, now satisfied she had a compliant man in her bed, maybe not so willing to please her at this time but will as soon as she was finished with him.
The woman stood at the foot of the bed watching her captive, all the while admiring her handiwork and the fact that her victim was now bent to her will with no escape plan in sight. She let out an audible sigh then shook her head, keeping her expression calm and unreadable, yet her eyes betrayed her emotion. They were cold and hard and mean.

The slave lay helplessly bound and frightened by his captor's swing of mood. One moment nasty and cold, the next she was almost gentle and loving with the flick of her green orbs that were staring at him curiously. As if she wasn't exactly sure why she decided to abduct him in the first place, maybe she made a mistake. After all he was a decent sized guy, over six feet tall, and built to perform (in her eyes, performance is a major feat and must be carried out perfectly). But for now he was her captive, her slave, her victim to use and abuse any way she wanted to.

His mind worked fast, trying to think of a way to escape, but obviously his Mistress already saw xnxxv sunny leone video this coming, for she left the room for a second to get a high backed chair to sit in while she blocked the door. "Don't make me gag you again," she warned with a smile, but that smile held a hint of malice as her victim started to whimper and cry softly, tears running down his cheeks in vain since he couldn't exactly wipe them away, At no time she felt any sympathy for this slave in her bed.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP I SAID!", she screamed at him while marching over to where he lay. "Shut up or I will beat you senseless, don't think I won't do it!" she hissed. She then pulled out a dirty rag from the pocket of her black dress and jammed it into his mouth while slapping him hard across the face again. Jesus Christ, she thought"and I thought he was going to be one of the easier ones!
Stunned again into silence, he could only nod his head which was beginning to hurt with each slap she gave him and his arms were growing tired from being handcuffed all day and night. At this point all he could was wait until she decided to free him, but of course that wasn't going to happen anytime soon. Not while she was enjoying her power over him!

She then decided she was bored with just watching him, so she got up from her post at the door and stepped out of the room momentarily to retrieve her big black goodie bag which held certain tools to ensure the fact he wasn't going to try and run from her. "Don't you go anywhere now," she laughed mirthlessly as she disappeared for a moment.
The bound man just lay there feeling resigned to the fact that he was a slave and in not in any real forced anal against her will time soon he was going to be running away from this beautiful yet deranged woman. He just lay there for what seemed like forever trying to make sense of what happened to him over the past twelve hours or so.

The last thing he remembered as he worked it over in his mind is that he was leaving the bar after feeling a bit queasy after drinking his fourth or fifth beer. Then all was blank, and he woke up trapped in this bed, he had no recollection of meeting the woman or anyone else for that matter. He had no way of knowing at the time she was stalking him for quite awhile or that he was her tenth victim.

When she returned from wherever she was in the big house, she was carrying a huge black strap with duct tape wrapped around the handle. Just the sight of it made his heart pound with fear"and his maleness grow with arousal. Something he didn't quite expect, but whatever worked to gain something in his favor. Sympathy? A good fucking? Maybe. But now he just felt his blood run cold and he would have trembled had he not been bound and gagged like the he turned out to be.
"I'm going to undo your cuffs so I can turn you over, but I'm warning you again, if you try to fight me or scream, or try to resist in any way, I will not only beat you but I will cause permanent damage to you and your ego, understood?" she warned.
He just nodded slightly, feeling euphoric for a split second while she leaned over him to undo his bonds and to give him a clear view of her generous cleavage which spilled out from her tight black dress, and to inhale the fresh, clean scent of her skin from her rose petal bath she took recently. She then abruptly climbed on top of him putting one strong knee on his sternum to make sure he wasn't going to get up and get one over on her.

"Stay put, or else!" she growled softly in his ear, while causing additional arousal from his member.
She had him uncuffed for a second while she gently turned him over on his stomach, but this time restraining his hands with nylon stocking above his head. He lay there feeling discomfort while he strained his pelvis to the mattress. For a delirious second he felt mischievous and had the urge to grind himself against the bed, but it was short lived.
"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU"RE DOING?!" she roared as she snatched her strap from her bag of goodies, and brought it down sharply against his backside. The pain seared right through him and his body grew limp with the shock and force of the beating that was taking place. "TAKE IT ALL, YOU FUCKING WIMP, YOU WORTHLESS BASTARD!" she screamed at him.

Shocked into submission all he could do was just lay there and feel aroused as she brought down the strap against his back again, feeling the sting of her whip only made his cock harder and he grit his teeth against the gag in his mouth. At that moment his back was on fire with the pain searing though him, but for a split second he felt good until the third lash against him was harder than the first two.
"That's it, take it'take the sting of my whip Slaveboy," she breathed heavily as she continued the beating that further humiliated him. "Yes, I know you want it, you want me to abuse you, don't you?" she asked rhetorically, not expecting an answer since he was still gagged.
All he could do was just lay on his stomach taking her physical and verbal abuse all the while feeling his dick get harder with each bite of the strap. He let out a moan as she abruptly stopped whipping him, to inspect her damage inflicted on this helpless being of a man. There was several welts developing on his back and his ass cheeks , some were bleeding quite profusely.

She decided that enough was enough for one afternoon and she again left the room for a few moments to decide on her next course of action, while he stayed in that position like a frightened boy.