Enemies have sex

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Enemies have sex

100% fiction!

It was my first year of High School. All three elementary schools would join into one school. There was this guy,? Steven. He would always say "Hi. " Or something. A year past,? and then we started hating each other,? because he started talking about me,? and I started talking about him,? etc.?

So we would always see who would get the last "hit". I would slug him in the arm,? and he would do the same. Then,? I started developing feelings for him,? so I went out on a limb and decided I would hit him in the nuts. So one day he hit me,? and I smacked his balls. When I hit them,? I felt them,? the smoosh. He fell to the ground and said "Ill get you back".

And later that day,? he did. It was after school,? and everyone had left for the day. I walked into the bathroom,? and saw him changing. (He runs cross-country). It was akward,? standing there watching him,? and the best part was he was in BRIEFS! Probaby because he would sweat a lot. I hid a smile and said "Nice. " He then ran up and hit me in the balls. I fell to the ground,? but in a way I liked it. He walked out,? and I jacked off into a urinal. Then I was bored,? so I decided to take a walk around my neighborhood,? and discovered the best thing in the world,? Steven lived two houses away from me! I saw him outside,? and walked by and he smiled.

I walked around the circle all the way home. As the year went by,? nothing big happened,? until one day in /gym/">gym. We just got back from playing football,? and then this kid yanked Stevens boxers down! My mouth dropped open,? and I felt my dick move. I stared at it,? and looked at mine,? the /erection/">erection went down fast and I saw we were the same sexxxx video ful hd size,? soft.

The year finished,? and nothing happened. Then my 8th grade year came up. We saw each other rarely,? because I took all honor classes,? and for some reason I became obssesed with wedgies. I had a list of /cute/">cute guys I planned to /wedgie/">wedgie,? and he was on there. One day, during lunch I walked in and saw him pissing in the urinal. I acted fast,? I ran behind him and yanked up his /underwear/">underwear. . . . . . . .

I yanked his underwear up hard,and began to develop an erection.They were black, but I could tell they were briefs.The leg holes came up and I grabbed them, and yanked them into his ass.He stood there and screamed "Ah!Dude,Quit!", but he turned around and smiled.I let go and said "Sorry." And he said "God, that hurt!"

I pulled down his gym shorts, and yanked his briefs out of his ass.He hissed, sharpely.And then he was mad and said "Dude, I have to change in front of people for cross-country!" I saw I had ripped his underwear."You could wear mine I" said. "Dude Im not gay","Well its beter than nothing, isnt it?" he hesitated, but said okay.Immediately I took off my jeans, and boxers.

He saw my dick, I saw sure of it, but since we were in xxx sex video download free com 8th grade, my dick was only maybe 2 in."Sorry, Im a little small" I said, as I took off my boxers."Mines no bigger", he said and smiled."Can I see?" I asked. He slipped off his briefs, and actually showed me!"Im bigger when Im hard," I added "Me too," he said. Then I grew a boner, and he did too.

We slipped into the stall, and we stood there, naked.I was skinny, abs starting to develop, and he was bones.It was true, he was bigger, but we were the exact size, which was maybe 4 inches.I got on the ground, and sucked.We had no cum, because we were still developing.I sucked for what seemed like forever, and he moaned and said "My turn", I stood up, and let him suck.

"The reason I was mean to you was because Ive always like you" he said "Ive liked you for a while too, but its getting late, we can finish this later, wanna come over?" he smiled and said "Sure".We got changed, wearing each others briefs, and we left, ready for the tonight.