One Chance Part 2

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
One Chance Part 2

This is a continuation of One Chance, Part 1.

Seeing a mans face covered in my cum was something I thought Id never see. But here was this /gorgeous/">gorgeous man, on his knees, staring straight up at me, wiping cum off his face and eagerly sucking it into his mouth. He grabbed my dick, now half hard after having shot an enormous load, and squeezed and sucked it to get any remaining cum he could. He seemed disappointed that he had no more cum to bathe in. Without saying a word, I placed my hand on his chin and motioned for him to stand. Face to face with him, I pressed my body onto his, put my hands around his waist and kissed him. stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv I had never kissed a man, but the passion of the moment made me want to passionately make out. We kissed gently at first. Our tongues merely fumbling with each other, feeling the hot water moving down our lips. I ran my hands down the side his body, my right hand venturing off to feel his toned ass. I moves my fingers across his ass, tracing the outline of his crack with my fingers. His hands were working both our cocks. Gently massaging my dick, feeling it in every which way, squeezing it, stroking it. This man just enjoyed the feeling of my cock in his hand.

Our kissing began to speed up. He suctioned my tongue into his mouth and sucked on it like it was his pacifier. I relaxed my mouth and let him have his way with my tongue. My dick was beginning to harden again, and I could tell his was rock solid from the poking on my abdomen. He finally let go of my tongue and our tongues met between our mouths. We just ran our tongues across each other, licking each others tongues without kissing. Until I moved in and kissed him violently. My tongue attacked his mouth, I couldnt take it anymore. This mans loving was too good. I squeezed his ass as I continued to work his mouth. He stroked my cock faster, while running his hand through my hair. I had to have more of him. I left his mouth and sucked on his lip, biting it gently. I moved down to his neck. Slobering and licking my way down the side of his neck. My attention turned to his chest where I flicked my tongue across his nipples, all the while massaging his ass with my hands. He continued running his hand through my hair while placing the other on my arm. I moved from flicking to sucking on his nipples. His nipples were very hard, almost like little clits. I took turns sucking one nipple while playing with the other with my opposite hand. At this point I used my free hand to feel his cock. I ran my hand along it, familiarizing my hand with his beautiful cock. It had to be between 6 and seven inches, not longer than mine but definitely thicker. I moved my hand to his saggy balls. His balls /hung/">hung far enough that I could swat at them. They were completely shaved. I ran them through my hands. While I got to know his cock and balls, I continued sucking on his nipples like a baby. But I knew where I wanted to end up, so I started working my way down...

I moved my lips down his stomach, stopping to admire his cut abs. I traced the outline of his abs with my tongue. I worshipped his stomach as I kissed every inch of his abs I could. By now I was on my knees in front of him. His dick was poking my throat and chin as I paid my dues to his abs. Finally I separated my self from his stomach, I could have been there all day, and made my way to his /dick/thick-dick/">thick dick. I grabbed his dick at the base and pulled up to get all his foreskin. My mouth sucked on his skin as I squeezed and softly stroked his shaft, my free hand feeling his abs. I let go of his skin and pulled it all the way back to reveal a /fat/">fat head waiting to be sucked. I licked his head, tasting his precum, before sucking on it. I didnt realize how big his head was until it was in my mouth. I barely had room to open my mouth further. I would have to guess it was around 2.5 inches in DIAMETER. This guy had a /fat/fat-dick/">fat dick. I eagerly sucked on while holding all his skin back. He was moaning and making all sorts of sound now. I dont know how long we had been in the stall but it was STEAMING in there. I moved his dick, as much as I could, around inside my mouth. Making him feel every inch of my mouth while constantly keeping it company with my tongue. My saliva coated his head, dripping out of my mouth. I was enjoying slobbering all over his tuna can of a head, but I could tell he was enjoying it even more. His hand pressed my head onto his cock, his breathing was heavy, with constant moans and gasps. His abs were super tight, as I continued feeling them up. Finally I decided I might as well take it all. I let go of his cock and thrust my mouth over his cock, instantly gagging as his big head hit my throat. This was only my second time giving head, so I still had not mastered oral. I wrapped my lips around his shaft and moved my head up and down, making sure to run my tongue along his length and build up a lot of saliva for moisture. I found I could take his whole cock in my mouth if I slightly tilted my head up as his dick approached the back of my throat, still it was hard given his head. His moaning and breathing grew heavier and heavier. I placed my hands on his ass, temporarily leaving his magnificent stomach, to be able to thrust his dick into my mouth. The taste of his precum made my desire his whole load. My head kept moving up and down, my mouth making slurping and slushing sounds. His dick was slimy with saliva and drool ran down my chin. I too found myself moaning at times. In only my second time I could tell I was becoming an excellent cock sucker.

I left one hand on his ass and used the other one to feel his balls. They were no longer sagging, but were snuggled tightly below his dick. I got excited at this for it mean he was close to cumming, and I had an idea as to what I would do with his load. I picked up my pace, eagerly awaiting my prize, my hand feeling his muscular thighs, /tight/tight-ass/">tight ass, and once again his sculpted abs. I continued to bob up and down, twisting my head as I did careful to keep my teeth of out the way, my throat expertly taking his head, my mouth as moist as a pussy, my tongue coating his shaft like a brush painting a sculpture. SUddenly he let out a half yell, half gasp, his ass tightened, his knees buckled a bit, and released a batch of cum into my mouth. I moved my mouth to his head to make room for the cum, and moved my mouth up and down on his white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie head. Squirt after squirt hit my throat and inside of my mouth. I closed my lips tightly around his dick so no cum escaped, letting it all collect in my mouth. He shot around six or seven loads, all the while oohing and aahing exhaustedly, occasionally throwing in some fucks. He leaned forward to support himself against the stall, i though he might collapse then and there. WIth my mouth around his head, I grabbed his dick and squeezed as I pulled upward as if I was milking him, hoping to add to the collection of /semen/">semen already in my mouth. When I was sure he had no more I freed his dick from my mouth. I looked up at him, still on my knees, his face looked full of pleasure yet so drained. He opened his eyes and smiled at me. I opened my mouth to show him the puddle of cum I had collected. He stared at me. I motioned him to move so the water was hitting his back and not his stomach. I spit the puddle into my palm, and rubbed it all over his abs. He readily helped rub the semen all over his stomach, licking up his fingers in the process. Then I did what I had planned and started to lick his abs clean of cum. This mans stomach was so cut that through out this whole time I could not stop thinking about it. I loved feeling outline of each ab as I licked him up. As I licked I swallowed. My mouth ran up and down his abs, licking up every last drop. The whole time he was looking down at me, and I occasionally looked up at him to make sure he was enjoying it.

When I was finished, needing to blow another load, i stood up and took his dick in my hands. I pulled his foreskin back all the way. I grabbed my dick and pulled my skin back, and touched out heads together. I had fantasied about doing this before but I never knew if it would work. With our heads together I pulled my foreskin up along my dick and stretched out so it engulfed his head. Our dicks no longer looked like two seperate dicks, but one. I grabbed our heads and began stroking gently, being careful not to undo our dick bridge. I looked up at him and began to kiss him again. We made out softly, for we were both tired, my hand gently stroking both our heads. His hand found its way to my balls where he messaged them and his other hand ran up and down my upper arm, feeling my bicep and tricep. His other hand running through my hair. We continued to explore each others mouths while I rubbed our heads. We did this until I came again. Most of the cum stayed trapped in my foreskin, while some escaped all over my hand. When I was done I let go and licked my hand clean, Anthony quickly moved in to my hand to help me. When it was clean I moved down to clean his head. I licked his fat head clean like a lollipop. I stood up and he proceeded to return the favor. Pulling my skin back and licking my cock clean. We were both beat after this.

He stood up and said, "we should probably get out now before we turn into prunes". "Yea" i replied. "Get out first when no one is watching and ill follow in a few minutes while i wash up so no one sees us getting out together". "k" i said. I opened the stall door slightly and no one was there and sneaked out. I grabbed my towel, put it around my waist to hide my still semi-erect dick, and went to my locker. I checked the time when I got back and realized we had been in there almost 20 minutes. About 2 minutes later Anthony came into my aisle with his stuff in his hands to change next to me. "Wow, i was not expecting that" he commented. "What were you expecting?" I said. "I dunno, just me giving you head I guess. Didnt think you want more since your not gay." "Im a very sexual person, whether it be with a guy or girl, and once I got turned on in the moment I lose myself to the moment and anything is possible". "Im fucking glad you asked me for help then". "Shit, so am I" I laughed.

We got dressed and left together. We continue to have hookups every once in a while (maybe ill write about them later), and thanks to Anthony, I met other guys at the /gym/">gym who would like to help me out. Havent acted on any of them....yet. I would love some reviews, let me know what you think.